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How do I be able to attend the Minecraft Championship (MCC) 22



Attend the Minecraft Championship

Attend the Minecraft Championship:  To view Minecraft Championship 22, you have to sign up via the official Twitch channel for the Noxcrew. Each time there is a Minecraft Championship, the Noxcrew will stream the entire event live on Twitch. 

If you do not wish to view the Livestream via the Noxcrew, you can stream it at any participating Livestreams.

We recommend this option if you have an Influencer that you’d like to watch be a winner or find interesting. 

You can see all the participating Twitch channels at MCC Live. Minecraft Championship 22 will also start at eight midnight BST on May 28th, 2022. So if you’d like to view this year’s Minecraft Championship, you will require to sign up on or before the weekend.

Attend the Minecraft Championship

What exactly is Minecraft Championship?

Minecraft Championship is an event hosted through the Noxcrew. In Minecraft Championship, participants from across the Minecraft community requested by the Noxcrew to participate in the various game modes. 

The Noxcrew creates games to test each participant’s skills in various areas, including survival, parkour combat, teamwork, and more.

The event will continue, and the two teams that earn the most points once Minecraft Championship reaches eight games will be able to play in an end-of-season match.

 In the final game, who will be the winner of the whole Minecraft Championship. Ten teams will take part in Minecraft, and the following are players in each squad of the Minecraft Championship 22.

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