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Argylle has the lowest US box office opening for an Apple movie making $18 million



Argylle has the lowest US box office opening for an Apple movie making $18 million

The spy movie Argylle with Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa had the lowest opening at Apple TV, making around $18 million in the US from February 3rd-5th, 2024.

It came in 3rd place behind Knock at the Cabin and Avatar: The Way of Water.

This wasn’t very pleasant because the movie had a big budget of $200 million and well-known actors.

Argylle was only shown in about 2,300 theaters, less than most big movies.

It was also available to stream on Apple TV simultaneously. So some people might have chosen to watch it at home instead of going to the theater.

Reviews for the movie were mixed, with some people liking the action and acting. But others thinking the story could have been more straightforward and the pacing could have been better.

The movie also had to compete with popular franchises like Avatar and new movies like Knock at the Cabin.

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Apple’s way of releasing movies in theaters is being questioned. This might make them release more movies directly to streaming services.

It could also affect their relationships with big movie studios and actors for theater releases.

It’s too soon to know how well Argylle will do since we are still determining how many people will watch it in theaters or on streaming.

Industry experts will look closely at how the movie does to see if Apple’s plan to release movies in theaters is a good idea.

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