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Apple Patents an iPad Keyboard Accessory to Make It Similar to a Mac



Apple Patents an iPad Keyboard Accessory to Make It Similar to a Mac

Apple is known for filing strange and outlandish patents for things that might enhance the capabilities of its current devices. While many patent ideas stay inside Apple‘s walls, others find their way to the commercial sector. 

Today, we have one such patent detailing an iPad keyboard adapter that can transform your tablet into a Mac-like computer. Let’s have a look at the specifics.

Apple Files a Patent for a New iPad Keyboard

Apple submitted a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office titled “Hinged keyboard attachment with numerous installation modes for a tablet computing device” (USPTO).

 It depicts a full-featured iPad keyboard adapter with a pen slot and a Touch Bar-like display. 

Even though Apple already offers a Magic Keyboard for iPads, it is more of a hybrid keyboard folio cover.

The patent’s keyboard attachment, on the other hand, will provide a PC experience with “electromechanical” keys and a vast MacBook-like touchpad.

 It will also include a folding hinge, allowing users to fold their tablet. And also take it about with the keyboard connected, similar to a laptop. 

A dedicated slot for the Apple Pencil and a tiny touch-supported display is also mentioned in the patent.

It’s also possible that this feature will include a “macOS-like interface,” making it even more comparable to a Mac system. However, we are unsure whether this will become a reality.

Earlier this year, Apple was working on a non-floating Magic Keyboard for iPads with a slidable keyboard. With this patent, Apple is looking to extend its iPad accessory line to make the device more like a computer than a tablet. 

This will allow Apple to compete with Microsoft’s Surface Pro, positioned as a more flexible alternative to iPads.

Given Apple’s track record, though, it’s worth noting that this patent might be revoked before it sees the light of day. 

Nonetheless, it’s an intriguing idea, and it’ll be fascinating to watch if it ever becomes a real product. So, keep tuned for further information and share your opinions on this patent in the comments section below.