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Apple must compensate a customer who sold an iPhone without a charger.



A judge in Brazil has ordered Apple to pay a customer who recently bought an iPhone because the company didn’t include a charger in the box, which is against consumer law.

In 2020, MacRumors says Apple caused a stir by not including a charger in the box. Apple says the move is good for the environment because it takes nearly 450,000 cars each year.

However, there has been some public and legal outcry about the move.

People in Brazil have been questioning Apple for a long time about why they took the charger off their phones. A judge in that country now says that Apple has to pay a customer almost $1,075 because they don’t have one anymore.

The Consumer Code says that “tie sale” is an illegal practice in Brazil, so it’s not allowed to sell a cell phone and charger on its own. Apple is being punished because it sold an iPhone model and a charger separately to a customer in Goi’nia, the report said.

People who bought Apple products at a “tie sale” have to pay back R$ 5,000 to the company, says Judge Vanderlei Caires Pinheiro, who ruled in favor of the consumer.

Apple was fined $2 million by Brazil last year because it broke consumer law and didn’t treat its customers well, says Fernando Capez, the head of the consumer group Procon-SP.