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Apple Explains App Store Criteria for Removing Outdated Apps, Provides 90-Day Response Time



When Apple was reported to have said that it would remove apps from the App store that their developers were no longer updating, it sparked another debate in the tech world. The Cupertino company has now explained how it decides to eliminate apps that no longer work. The iPhone maker said that only too old apps are being removed from the App Store. As a result, the company gives developers 90 days to make changes to their apps and keep them from being removed instead of the 30 days they had before.

Apple told developers on Friday that it will start removing apps from the App Store that haven’t been updated for three years and haven’t been downloaded enough. Developers who make apps for the iPhone are getting emails from the company warning them that their apps might be removed. Developers will have 90 days to make changes to their app and avoid being taken to court. Before, the company was giving people 30 days to do this. Apple says that removed apps will still work for people who already have them on their phones or tablets.

People who work for Apple say that the App Store Improvements process hasn’t been around since 2016. As part of this move, it said it had taken down about 2.8 million apps. Getting rid of old apps will make existing apps more visible, secure, and private because they use the most up-to-date technology and tools.

The news that some apps will be removed from the App Store because they no longer work came out last week, and some developers have said they don’t like it. There are primarily games that haven’t been updated on the list of apps in a long time. Apple has made a new move a few weeks after Google said that it would stop people from finding and installing apps that don’t target an API level released in the last two years of the most recent major Android release. This new policy will start on November 1, 2022.