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Anime Journey Codes (May 2022)



Anime Journey Codes:  Roblox Anime Journey has you making a custom character and then attempting to progress and improve your performance within the games. You must fight your way through the opponents and finish quests to gain the experience that will give you stats to enhance your abilities. 

Try to see if you can make it through all the game’s challenges and be the most influential player on the planet!

If you’re in search of freebies, then you can find them on this list of Anime Journey coupons.

 If you’re unsure what to do to redeem the codes in the Anime Journey, you will find the answer to save them below in the list of codes! But, first, bookmark the page using CTRL + D with your mouse or click your Add to Bookmark button on your mobile.

All Anime Journey Codes

We’ve got the latest working codes below for Roblox Anime Journey. They can be used to redeem spins, which will give you access to a variety of classes and capabilities. 

It would help if you were sure to redeem these quickly as they expire after a specific time.

Latest Anime Journey Codes

  • BLACK CLOVER Redeem code to earn reward points for free (NEW)
  • LucasBestDev Redeem code to get reward points for free
  • KEVINGTS Redeem the code to redeem 20 Spins and a 3-D Cloth
  • AtlasZero Redeem coupon for ten spins
  • lely_sc – Redeem code for 5 Spins

Codes for HTML0 are available to various other games on the Roblox Games codes webpage.

Expired Codes

  • No codes are expired as of yet!

Anime Journey FAQ

How can I redeem the coupons in Anime Journey?

To redeem codes within Roblox Anime Journey, you must go through these procedures:

  1. Startup Roblox Anime Journey on your mobile device or PC
  2. Click or tap the Twitter button located on the right side of the screen.
  3. Could you copy the code from our list?
  4. Copy your code in the “Enter Code” text box
  5. Click your Redeem button to claim your reward!

If you’re using a brand-new game that isn’t working, you can try closing the game and re-opening it. 

This will place you on the new server that might have an updated version of the game, where the code is functioning!

Where can I find more code in Anime Journey?

To get additional codes, follow the Paida sc on Twitter, as they are the people behind the game. Also, join Discord, the Official Discord server, to receive news, updates, and chat among other game players. 

In the meantime, we’ll keep updating the wiki to include the latest codes, so be sure to keep checking back regularly!

That’s all the codes that we have currently available to Roblox Anime Journey. If you know of one we’re not listing, please let us know via the comments so we can include it as soon as we can!

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