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Analysts predict Apple will release OLED MacBook and iPad Pro models in 2024



Analysts predict Apple will release OLED MacBook and iPad Pro models in 2024

According to an expert, Apple plans to release new MacBook and iPad Pro models with OLED panels in 2024. The Cupertino corporation already has OLED panels on the Apple Watch and current iPhone models.

The panels on the upcoming MacBook and iPad devices, on the other hand, are believed to have certain advantages above standard OLED displays in terms of brightness and battery efficiency. It’s expected that the MacBook model with the OLED display will be a new MacBook Air.

Apple’s new 13.3-inch MacBook with OLED display, along with the rumored 11- and 12.9-inch OLED iPad Pro models is “looking more plausible,” according to Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants. The latter wrote to his paid followers on Twitter.

According to the expert, the MacBook model with the OLED display is believed to be the new MacBook Air; however, it might also be branded as a new MacBook model or MacBook Pro. According to the expert, it might be a new MacBook category.

In 2024, all three OLED-equipped Apple products are expected to adopt a tandem stack technology, which is believed to improve brightness and lifetime while using 30% less power.

The new displays are also expected to have a variable refresh rate of 1–120Hz, thanks to Apple’s low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) technology, which was first launched in 2019 with the Apple Watch Series 4.

Young predicts that OLED display performance will increase dramatically in the following years, and production costs will decrease.

In April, it was announced that China’s BOE Technology was planning to build a new line with a monthly production capacity of up to 15,000 glass substrates to begin manufacturing OLED displays for the MacBook and iPad in 2024.

The company is rumoured to be testing a two-stack tandem OLED technology in its facilities to give notable improvements to future smartphones.

In addition to BOE, Apple works with LG Display and Samsung to produce OLED panels for its iPhones. Both South Korean companies are expected to produce OLED displays for the iPad using Gen 6 manufacturing lines first, then convert to Gen 8.5 production lines around 2024. The latter allows manufacturers to make more OLED displays at the same time as they could with the former.

According to earlier sources, Apple might introduce mini-LED panels to the MacBook Air line. On the other hand, the projected upgrades may have given the firm cause to consider OLED panels as the next significant jump for MacBook users.