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All Forpe Island Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark



All Forpe Island Mokoko Seeds:  Forpe is a fowl-infested area. Much of its landscape caters to the physical dynamics of its chickens. Force’s Mokoko seeds are hidden in places only a chicken can reach.

Seeds 1 & 2: Chicken in a crawlspace

Players may see a slight bulge in the mini-map to the north of the island’s west side. The small outcrop leads to a sheer rock wall with a small crawlspace at its base.

Although the player is too large to be able to crawl through the tiny hole with their human form, opening the chests around the island can transform the player into a bit of a chicken. 

Once they are a chicken, they can confidently but slowly make their way into the cave behind the wall to find a pair of Mokoko Seeds.

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Seeds 3 & 4: A second two-piece chicken

Like the northern location, another cavern of chicken-sized size is located at the western tip Of Forpe’s northeast clearing. This space also holds two more Mokoko seeds.

Poultry power: Seeds 5 and 6.

A small bandit camp is to the island’s southeast, with a firepit, treasure, barrels, and a well-stocked weapon rack. However, this weapon rack can absorb incoming damage — quite a bit of it. 

It will hold its shape if you use your best class skills to smash it.

The upside to transforming into a chicken is that it can cause incredibly high levels of damage. 

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You can transform one of the guard dogs or ruffians into a chicken by putting it in the rack. The explosive power of the chicken can also be used to destroy it. 

This will reveal a platforming area that leads to another pair of Mokoko Seeds perched on the cliffs above.

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