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All Elden Ring Golden Seed locations



All Elden Ring Golden Seed locations

All Elden Ring Golden Seed locations:  The vast open landscape that is Elden Ring is litter with an array of treasures and findable that aid players in their quest towards becoming Elden Lord. Elden Lord. 

Of all the treasures, one the most valuable is in the form of the Golden Seed.

Golden Seeds permit Tarnished to gain more health flasks. They call Flasks with Crimson Tears that can use to replenish HP. 

Tarnished will need to locate the total of 30 Golden Seeds to get 14 flasks charged which is the most. This guide has discovered 42 Golden Seeds strewn across the Lands Between.

Players must be ready to grab the Golden Seeds as they are often accompanied by unholy evils, traps, entire dungeons, and even dangerous platforming sections.

 The hunt for Golden Seeds begins immediately upon finishing the tutorial. The area that forms the tutorial in Limgrave is home to eight and will provide Tarnished an edge for the following challenges.

The entire list of Golden Seed locations, by region

  • Limgrave (Eight Golden Seeds)
  • Liguria (Five Golden Seeds)
  • Camelid (Four Golden Seeds)
  • Altus Plateau (Eleven Golden Seeds)
  • Ainsel River (Two Golden Seeds)
  • Mountaintops of the Giants (Seven Golden Seeds)
  • Siofra River (Three Golden Seeds)
  • Crumbling Farum Azula (Two Golden Seeds)

Aiming to find every Golden Seed found in the Lands Between not require. The fact is that players only need around 80% to increase the flask’s charges. 

Through this article, several Golden Seeds find in well-planned locations or were guarded by tough bosses in unusual areas that escalated the fight above the normal.

It’s worth exploring all that Elden Ring currently has to provide, and it is one of the most valuable resources available in the form of the title.

 Don’t forget to take a moment now and then and take in the beauty and ambiance this book gives.