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Alexa May Soon Copy Voice of Dead People



Alexa May Soon Copy Voice of Dead People: Amazon unveiled a new experimental capability for its voice assistant Alexa at the re:MARS 2022 developer conference: the capacity to imitate the voice of the departed. You did read it correctly. 

Alexa may soon be able to imitate your deceased family in a scenario that sounds right out of a dismal sci-fi film.

Alexa may soon mimic the voice of a dead relative

Amazon showed a sample video of a youngster asking Alexa to read a bedtime tale at the event. The little child in the video asks Alexa, “Alexa, can grandmother continue reading me The Wizard of Oz?” Soon later, Alexa begins reading the tale aloud to the grandma of the little kid.

The finest aspect was that the grandmother’s voice sounded genuine rather than artificial and boring like you would anticipate from a voice assistant.

This necessitated innovations, requiring us to learn how to record a high-quality voice in less than a minute instead of hours in a recording studio. By defining the issue as a voice conversion job rather than a speech creation approach, we could make it happen. 

Rohit Prasad, Senior Vice President and Head Scientist for Alexa at Amazon, says, “We are without a doubt living in the golden age of AI when our aspirations and science fiction are becoming a reality.

Although Amazon’s demonstration of the voice imitating capability was endearing, I can immediately see several instances in which customers tried to take advantage of it. 

It is yet to be seen whether other voice assistants will be able to recognize that the voice is originating from Alexa and prevent instances of voice recognition authentication systems being bypassed.

As this is more of a “voice conversion effort and not a speech creation approach,” Prasad has also discussed the potential difficulties. More information on this should become available soon. 

There is currently no information on the availability since it is still under development. Do you believe AIs should be able to imitate the voices of the deceased? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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