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Adobe updates and remodels M Chip design tools.



Adobe updates and remodels M Chip design tools

Adobe updates and remodels M Chip design tools: Adobe said on Tuesday that it had modified some of its three-dimensional content creation tools to make them compatible with Apple Macs using the iPhone maker’s proprietary “M” series CPUs.

Adobe has long been a critical player in the creative industries, such as photography, graphic design, and filmmaking.

However, Adobe has been developing additional tools for creating three-dimensional environments and objects for video games and, increasingly. The so-called metaverse, where businesses such as Meta Platforms Inc want to utilize augmented reality technology to overlay digital material on the actual world.

Adobe updates and remodels M Chip design tools

When Adobe purchased French startup Allegorithmic for an unknown price in 2019. It gained software products dubbed Substance 3D.

The technology assists filmmakers and game developers in imbuing the artificial objects they build with a broad range of realistic textures. Such as wood or leather, in films like Frozen 2.

Adobe said that the software had rewritten to function on Apple’s hardware. A move that expected to help Apple gain momentum. While Apple’s laptops and desktops are popular in specific creative sectors, such as music creation, game developers still choose PCs that can combine with Nvidia’s powerful graphics hardware for more realistic visuals.

However, Adobe expects to take full use of Apple’s enhanced graphics processing power with the new program. According to Francois Cottin, senior director of marketing at Adobe.

“Vertical integration is particularly crucial for these use cases, from the app to the chip,” Cottin added. “On future-looking use cases, we’ve been collaborating closely with Apple. Substance 3D, in my opinion, accurately represents this.”

Adobe also announced new clients for its three-dimensional content creation tools on Tuesday. Including Hugo Boss, a German fashion house, and Salomon Group, an outdoor gear company.

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