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5 best Roblox games like Pokémon



5 best Roblox games like Pokémon

5 best Roblox games like Pokémon:  Have you ever wondered whether there’s a method in Roblox to capture them all? We’re here to assist you! Of course, there isn’t a method to play a version of Game Freak’s Pokémon on Roblox, but there are plenty of comparable. If not identical, experiences to find on the site. 

Check out our recommendations for the finest Pokémon-inspired Roblox experiences in the list below!

Best Roblox games like Pokémon list

Doodle World

Doodle World offers players to go through a vast island populated by strange Doodles. These Doodles, like Pokémon, may be collected and taught to become devoted and steadfast friends and combatants.

 Once your Doodles have leveled up and increased in strength, evolve them into even more powerful versions of themselves. 

When your Doodles are ready, join fights against other Doodle trainers and continue your quest to become the finest Doodle master!

Looming Legacy

Before Doodle World swept the Roblox community, there was Loomian Legacy. Players may explore, gather, trade, and fight to the top in this MMO RPG, which is comparable to Doodle World and Pokémon. 

Looming Legacy is the way to go if you want to feel like you’re playing a Pokémon game. This experience not only has an in-depth plot that feels significant. But it also has an incredible design and attention to detail with each Loomian you encounter, making it seem even more personal.

Monsters of Etheria

Players hoping for a Pokémon-like experience played Monsters of Etheria before Loomian Legacy. Monsters of Etheria was released in 2012, and although it no longer has a large player base, it is still regularly updated with new events and content.

 Players may travel over the Alchas area, gather Etherians, and train them to be the greatest of the best while either following the role-playing narrative mode or fighting other players in the fast-paced combat mode. 

Whether you choose to play, Monsters of Etheria is a captivating experience.

World // Zero

While it may not be a perfect match, Setting / Zero is an RPG to remember, with an immersive world, memorable characters, foes, and exciting storylines. 

Over 100 weaponry, cute canine sidekicks, and over 70 different clothes and costumes are available in World / Zero. 

Work your way through the story’s numerous levels and dungeons to uncover even more regions to explore and conquer!

Dragon Adventures

Dragon Adventures is comparable to Pokémon in many aspects. The only difference is that instead of collecting, hatching, leveling up, caring for, accessorizing, and battling with different Pokémon, this experience is all about managing, hatching, leveling up, caring for, accessorizing, and fighting with various types of dragons. 

This experience’s global exploration and immersion are unrivaled—how can you top flying on a gigantic dragon through bright, enormous, and dynamic environments? 

Dragon Adventures is a fantasy lover’s dream come true, and it is deserving of its approximately one million likes and 300 million views!

 As a bonus entry, if you’re searching for a more in-depth dragon adventure. Check out Creatures of Sonaria, another game produced by the same production team.

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